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Anonymous asked: 1.) Favorite place you have ever been on vacation. 2.) What got you into wrestling? 3.) What is your absolute favorite memory?

Holy cow, someone actually asked me something.

1) I have been on very few vacations, but I spent a week in Denver for work last summer and loved it. I’ve always been a Midwest guy, in love with Chicago and Minneapolis and Kansas City, but if I was going to leave the area, Denver would be the place. It’s a very Midwestern feeling city, but also it’s own very isolated thing.

2) I don’t know specifically what got me into wrestling. The earliest memory I have of it is from 1989, Hulk Hogan vs. Big Bossman in the steel cage. I may have been watching earlier than that, but that’s where my timeline of fandom starts. The syndicated shows always coexisted with Saturday morning cartoons here, so I’m sure that’s where the first exposure came. My instinct would just be that it was the colorful characters, but the first two people I can recall identifying as my “favorite” wrestlers were The Rockers and Mr. Perfect, so to some degree, toddler me enjoyed the athleticism. A couple years later I’d be a huge Tatanka mark, so that theory also has holes.

3) A real answer to this requires more brainpower than I’m putting into it, but spending a Saturday night at a buddy’s house last summer, enjoying a private living room performance from Jeff Tweedy with several good friends… that’s a pretty damn good memory.

Anonymous asked: I think you're fucking hilarious and awesome. I wish you wouldn't be so hard and down on yourself cos you truly are a great guy.

anon you are so wrong I am awful ask anyone